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Pregnant 21 Weeks

20 June 2012 No Comment

Your have been pregnant for 21 weeks we take a look at what is happening both with yourselves and you 21 week old baby and the experiences other mums are having and what they are thinking about being pregnant 21 weeks.  Don’t forget to leave you experiences as well, which you can  do  towards the bottom of the page

Pregnant 21 Weeks Your Baby

Around this time 21 week old baby starts to  become covered lanugo which is a very fine hair.     No ones know why the baby has fine hair called lanugo, but it is thought that it may be to keep the baby at the right temperature. The lanugo disappears before birth, or soon after.  As you can  see in the scan photo below facial  features are formed and you can  sometimes see the baby sucking on its thumb and around this time the baby is around 17.5 in length.

21 Weeks Pregnant Scan

Here is a scan  of a 21 week pregnant mother with her son  baby below

21 Weeks Pregnant

Below 21 weeks pregnant mother with is a ultrasound scan  on video I really liked this video  as it showed the baby moving with an indication of what you are looking at  in the left hand corner.

Pregnant 21 Weeks scan  video shows

  • The spine
  • Head
  • Also check out the heart of the baby beating away
  • Arms
  • Pelvis
  • Legs


Pregnant 21 Weeks You

Find things first you may start to  feel  more hungry.  Physically you uterus will start to increase in size more quickly

Your uterus will begin to get bigger more quickly and you will really begin to look pregnant. You may feel hungrier than before.

You may start to  notice stretch marks in the next couple of weeks which may start to appear on your stomach, breast and thighs.  Its also normal to  start to leak  some pre milk at this stage.

Pregnant 21 Weeks Real Life

I have added a video which talks about the experiences of  Tanya at 21 weeks pregnant below and further down  the page more experiences of women  who  have  been  pregnant at 21 weeks

Below are more real life accounts of what 21 weeks pregnant women have experienced

“I’m 21 weeks and certainly for the last two weeks I’ve been very aware of how quick the baby is growing and how quick my body is changing  my bump has literally inflated in front of my eyes” Hannah W

Hannah also  goes onto to mention how her belly button popped out over night at the 21 weeks stage

“On Monday night my belly button looked entirely normal and like it has for my entire life (i.e. like quite a deep belly-button crevice!), yet within only 24hrs, by yesterday night, it had entirely changed its appearance and looked small, tight and very odd!  Presumably this is the start of my belly button popping out? How exciting!”  Hannah W

Twinlady who  is having you guessed twins talks below about here experiences at 21 weeks pregnant

“So many people have been kind and complimented how ‘I’m all baby’, but it’s not true. My bottom is getting so big! 🙂 I’m trying not to let it affect me too much.  My real priority though is that I get as far along in pregnancy as I can – stuff the weight gain – it’s the price I’ve agreed to pay for two healthy babies. Note to body: if you do want to spring back into my size 10 wardrobe, it would be really helpful!! A girl can dream….” Twinlady

Coco m writes about how she is feeling at 21 weeks of pregnancy

“I am in work but would give anything to be home soaking in a hot bath, but I sit here on my sore bum praying the day to go in quick. The only thing that is not making me totally miserable is the little one moving, each day it gets stronger and stronger.”

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